After being jetlagged heavilyyyyyyy, Shriya was up by noon time on Tuesday. Gave her a quick bath and fed her lunch, mom & I took her to KL Bird Park. It was a very short drive, close to 10 mins and we entered the Park. Little was I disappointed to see her not interested in watching birds 😦 Probably she wasnt able to see them inside the cage, I thought. But there were mannnnyy peacocks walking freely on the pathway, and she saw them walking alongside her stroller πŸ™‚

No words needed for a caption here πŸ™‚

Finally saw some smile on her face. But it didnt last much though 😦 She got cranky whenever I stopped the stroller and learnt that she’s still feeling sleepy. It was actually night time for us in Atlanta, USA. As I walked her with my mom, there was silence all of a sudden and I discoverd the LO sleeping calmly in her stroller. Poor thing is very tired. As we came home in the taxi, I turned on the AC and laid her down in the bed. And she continued her sleeping @ the home too. By evening, she was up and happy with a nice wide smile on her face.

By evening, my brother came from work and we all went to MidValley mall to shop @ Jusco. I got some baby stuffs for her immediate usage but lo n behold, it was waaaayyy pricey than our BabiesRUs. For instance, the baby safety cabinets lock was close to $3.XX @ BRUs but it was close to $10.XX here @ Jusco. Maaaannnn, I never wanted to buy here!

For dinner, we went to TFA Annalakshmi. I was very happy to meet my Dance teachers there and we had a very good dinner @ Annalakshmi.

Came home @ 10 30 pretty tired and just wanted to lie down. But this lil brat just wouldnt sleep. She tossed n turned n pulled my hair but just cannot sleep 😦 By 11 30 got up n gave her some Good Start and she slept after that. But I got really pissed off when she woke up @ 2 30 crying again 😦 And swayed her on my shoulders n put her to sleep…Had a peaceful sleep until 7 30 AM the next day πŸ™‚ Thanks hon…for giving me a good nights sleep πŸ™‚