After a satisfied shopping 😛 @ the Jusco my brother said he will take me to a better mall the next day. And evening, after he came from work, we went to SOGO mall. I was taken aback by the size of the section they have alloted for handbags…Like a kid lost in a candie store, I walked through many sections of the handbags alone and finally spotted the one I like after a 40 minute search.

Happy me after achieving success in my Handbag hunting

Need I have to mention how bored my mom and bro were on seeing my shopping specifications 😀 As usual, my daughter slept as soon as we took the taxi to SOGO. I shoud stress upon my earlier assumption, that, yes, some stores/malls are waaayyy pricey than the US market. And I limited my shopping here to a formal skirt, shirt and a formal dress 😛 And oh yea, how can I forget to mention about the slipper that I got here 😉

@ the end of the day, again, I was satisfied with my shopping and headed back home with a cranky kid 😦
Yes, the minute we board the taxi she sleeps and sleeps all through my shopping time (good for me 🙂 ) and later wakes up @ 10:30 PM or so…when I try to get some sleep…Poor thing is jetlagged and I shoud be patient enough with her to go through this…