We went to Singapore for 2 days, 1 night trip. Thoguh it was pretty tiring and a packed one, I enjoyed a lot throughout the travel. And Shriya, though she found it little hard to manage the SGP weather (it was extremely hot) later on, she got used to that. I should mention that my daughter is pretty good in managing the situation/weather or whatever,,,such a darlin’ she is. Apr 23rd we left our house @ KL @ 5AM and got into the flight to SGP thru AirAsia. Thoguh it was a short 45 min flight, Shriya got cranky the minute the flight took off…After giving her a bottle, we started to enjoy our trip. After our immigration clearance, we took a taxi, checked in to our hotel and headed to Sentosa. We took the Mono-rail to Sentosa as the cable car was down for annual maintenance, little did I realise how hot it is going to be the rest of the day.

We stopped to take pictures at the Merlion @ sentosa and headed to Imbiah Station. We took the sky ride where the circular box will rotate and show us the view of Singapore, and I went to Luge ride along with my SIL. We breaked for lunch in between and fed Shriya her lunch. After her tummy full, she dozed off in her stroller while I went to 3D Extreme Log Ride movie with my SIL 🙂 Shopped a little @ souvenir store. And by that time, Shriya got up. And she made a big noise when I tried to feed her oatmeal. I started receiving strange looks from people all over me. And I threw away the oatmeal and got very tired in trying to feed her food. She just cannot eat any solids, be it Gerber or Oatmeal…Finally stopped @ Coffee Bean, got some fresh warm milk for her, and wonder of wonders, she gulped it down :-O I was just worried, how hungry she was, but why wouldn’t she take the solids????? But thank god, atleast she had her milk.

After changing her diapers and freshened up with another set of dresses, we were all set to go to next stop, Universal Studios. Yes, that was a new addition in Sentosa. But the tickets were very expensive and it was almost end of the day. We cannot do justice to the tickets we pay at that time and we had to skip so many rides…So we decided to call it quits and rather went to watch the Laser show, but mother nature sensed my call that I’m waaayyy too tired to watch it. And with Shriya sleeping, we would prefer to head back to the hotel and we did the same.

We came back to the room pretty tired, had our dinner from Anandha Bhavan restaurant there and fed my LO and we all went to bed. What a tiring day it was with a 12-month old in an amusement park for a whole day…Thank god, she was hydrated well, fed well, and slept well…Thanks sweetu