We had my little girl’s Ayush Homam on May 5, 2010 @ Sri Mahal, T Nagar, Chennai. We headed out to the function hall by 5 30 AM in the morning. Needless to say, Shriya was angry @ us for waking her up so early and a gangA-snAnam (holy bath by applying oil @ her head and washing her hair later) . As soon as we reached the hall, she got hungry and I fed her banana. Soon after that, relatives, friends, near & dear started to pour in to the hall and everyone wanted to hold her, play with her and spend some time with her. But poor thing was already sleepy and tired and hungry…and seeing all new people smiling at her, she got scared and cried non-stop.

After the homam started, she got lots of attire change, and finally settled down in her Ayush homam dress – silk frock – pattu pAvAdai which my mom got for her. With a garland on her neck, she looked very pretty. She was enjoying her new dress and looking puzzled at the flower garland around her neck, little did she know that her ears will be pierced in a short while 😦 Poor thing, cried cried cried and cried even more. Finally, all set & done, she looked even more preeetyyyy with cute tiny earrings 🙂