Shriya has learnt lotsssss from her vacation.

1. She learnt to say bye-bye. When we say, “Shriya, let’s go out for bye-bye”, immediately, she will wave her hands…How cute 🙂
2. She learnt to drink juice/water from straw cup.
3. She drinks water from her Sippy cup.
4. When shes pissed off, she will put her hand on her hand and put her head on the floor and cry non-stop
:-X, which of course, we dont like
5. She said mommy’s name and it sounds like, “aicho” and mama’s name and it sounds like “thishhhhhh” for sathish and mami’s name which sounds like “iddhyaa” for Vidhya 🙂

Updating on June 1, 2010

I’m still in a dilemma whether to call it a learning or wat.

She sees this tiniest dirt in the kitchen (Yes I don’t maintain a clean kitchen :-P) and if I’m in the vicinity, she will hand it over to me and claps her hand (appreicates herself) when I say ‘Thank you’ , ‘Very Good’. But when I’m not around, she quickly puts it in her mouth and starts chewing it :-X 😀 How clever!