Another important event pending in our Chennai trip itinerary was her mottai ceremony. mottai – shaving her hair off from her head. Traditionally, we shave off her hair after her 1st birthday @ our temple and offer it to the God. Since we didnt have much of time to spend @ the temple, and my bro and SIL had to head back to KL the same night, we planned our trip with a tight-packed schedule.

Getting up @ 2:30 AM in the morning on May 10,2010 – yes, you heard me right, 2 30 AM in the morning ๐Ÿ˜ I had a quick shower and got my lil one ready. I had packed her Diaper bag the previous night, so that we can leave the house to the temple in a calm, composed manner. Car arrived @ 4 30 – 4 45 AM and we all got in happily and headed to the temple with my IL’s, mom, bro and SIL and ofcourse, me, DH & lil darlin…On the way to the temple which will be close to 4-5 hrs travel time, we stopped in the mid to break for breakfast. And was happily chit-chatting about how she will look after her mottai ๐Ÿ™‚ haha, And again, traditionally, she will have her hair shaved off by sitting on her mama’s (my brother) lap, we did have some funny talks about if she shakes her head, my bro’s ear might get chopped off and all that.

After reaching the temple, she started to cry by seeing other kids having their mottai. And the veyyil / heat added to her cry. With a minor scratch on her head (poor Shriyu) she had her first mottai. She looked superrrrrrr cute with her mottai. After bathing her, we applied cool chandhanam (sandalwood paste) on her head & we headed inside the temple, did all archanai’s (prayers) to all dieties there and headed back home. We reached home by 6 30PM and do I have to mention how tired we were??? We had our quick dinner and crashed into the bed. Little did we realise that Shriya’s mottai head will scratch / tickle us when she rolls over in her sleep. We had a little funny argument of who sleeps next to her since the person next to her will have all the scratches she makes with her mottai in her sleep ๐Ÿ˜› LOL she looks funny and oh yes, cute too, with her mottai ๐Ÿ™‚

Poor Shriya crying out loud

And finally….here it is;