June 2010

I dressed up my girl this weekend to have a lunch outside, shopping & meet our friends, weekend activity. And when we were about to leave our house, I clicked this picture. And, awwwwww, she looks like a shool going girl in a school uniform πŸ™‚ How sweet…


When I leave for work, Daddy & Shriya will have some “quality” playtime during the mornings…Lucky Daddy, who gets to play with the LO both in the mornings & evenings.

This was one moment captured when my lil monster was awake while I was getting ready to work in the wee hours of morning. Happily playing with her bath-time duckie & pink-whale πŸ™‚ in our restroom

As far as I’ve noticed, Shriya never gave up. She keeps on trying until she’s successful & even after success, she won’t stop practising it πŸ™‚ Be it learning to flip, crawl, walk…
Her fav activity during the evening hours are, walking off the kitchen door & jumping into the Patio deck. There is a 8 to 10 inch depth between the Kitchen door & the start of the Patio. Every evening, as we keep the door open for some fresh air & playtime, she herself steps off the kitchen & jumps into the deck. Since its of some considerable depth below, she doesnt care. She tries & tries & tries…In trying so, she falls down, falls to her side, but nah…its F-U-N for her πŸ™‚ I see her growing from infant to young toddler now…Ah, bliss.

The same attitude works with her when she climbs up the stair too, but it fear creeps in me as I see her going up the steps 😦 We should buy a gate soon…

This is a line from a popular commercial that I rememberd now as I looked into these pics πŸ™‚

Ahhh, I’ve climbed up all the steps now..

Okay, I will get down now,,,On My Own

Papa, please hold me for safety…

As the day started, Daddy was all chirpy, cuddling the little one. And the little one too, not an exception that day, was all happy giggling to all her dad’s cuddle & tickles…Leaving them to enjoy in their own company, I headed to start my day by preparing cofi for us. And curiosity made me think what’s special for the day, then I remembered the Father’s Day & rushed to wish my DH πŸ™‚

Ever since we planned to have a baby, I’ve been thinking how my DH will handle our own baby. Picking her from daycare & dropping her in the morning, bathing her, changing her…he hasnt slipped out of any duties whatsoever. Seeing them playing in our Patio during weekend mornings, I wear a wide smile on my face, thinking how cute they are, how he transforms to a 1 year old so that he can play with her better, showering her with kisses, baby babbling along with her…

Every morning, as I turn ON the kitchen light, I look @ my dad’s picture I have in my kitchen, I smile & say HI to him as everyday ritual. And that day, I missed him more, couple of tears down my cheeks when I wished him ! When I see my friends folks visiting them, as I talk to their parents, I keep relating how I miss my own Dad & how I wish he was alive to see how happy I’m, to witness the unconditional love the-groom-he-chose for me offers to me and how wonderful as a dad he is to my daughter…

Here’s to my DAD & my daughter’s DAD – Happy Father’s Day

And for the records, we had a wonderful lunch @ Daddy’s fav place, Sweet Tomatoes πŸ™‚

Hearing Shriya‘s cry on Apr 19th 2009, 21:14PM, my heart ached. Why is she crying? Is she OK? Is she hungry? Tired? Having read too much of online forums / discussions about delivery & new-born care, all I could think of at that time was, ‘My baby is hungry, I have to feed my baby & I need her N-O-W’. But when I realised that I didn’t get the breastmilk coming, I felt guilty for the first time in my life, on the lines of motherhood. When her weight dropped from 4 lbs 11 oz to 4 lbs 6 oz the very next day, my guilt level shot up in the graph.

Leaving 3 month old at home & see my mom struggle with her feeding schedule, I was debating mentally whether to quit my job or to earn good amount of $$$ to get all her baby needs. As I listened to her cry over the phone, I wetted my cheeks with salty tears. Wiping them off, I pushed all those guilt away & tried to concentrate at my work. As I sit in my office room, pumping my milk & store the labelled milk pouch into the freezer, I say ‘Here’s your noon-time milk for the 3rd week from now, baby girl’…

When I visited a daycare close to my home, I swore to myself that I’m quitting my job & no way am sending my precious 8 month to a day-care. I hurriedly looked for a box of Kleenex as I saw a 7 week old baby sleeping peacefully in a bouncer with pacifier stuck to its mouth. A crawling 6 month old, a 10 month playing with the exer-saucer, a 4 yr old giving a success smile to the video game monitor, there were babies from 6 week old to preschooler stage.But I was surprised to see a toddler asking her dad, ‘Can I stay for 10 more minutes?’. And then I realised, they actually enjoy being there!

As I stuffed her lunch bag this morning before leaving for my work, with a store bought jar food & YoBaby, my ‘mommy-guilt’ still continues & I feel it WILL always be there for one thing or the other, forever.

This is my entry to the β€œMommy Guilt” contest over at Women’s Web

Its been 4 days since Shriya ate properly. Everytime I try to feed her, she runs away from me (Read as F-O-O-D) and cries non stop until I take the food away.

Last night, I filled her baby plate that has Cindrella & a castle on it, with a slice of banana, apple, 1/2 ghee dosai, 2 pieces of Pasta, hoping she will atleast eat anyone from it. I didnt feed her, force her, just sat down with the plate. She saw me, ran away from me, cried non stop until I removed all those & washed my hands. Hmmphhhhh Later she had some milk n went to bed. But woke up quiet often in the middle of the night, hungry??? Oh yea, how can she sleep with empty stomach 😦 I’m getting waaay too stressed her with her food intake 😦 God please help me

Now, all my earlier thoughts about Shriya eating in a well-mannered way @ the daycare came to a blowing full stop 😦 Past 3 days I’m getting complaints from her sitter that she isn’t eating food with interest. Breakast, Lunch – All 2 meals she cries & eats 😦

And Dinner time – huh, who cares to eat, all she wants to do is play & have fun. I mean, she runs all day long & plays, wont she be tired? wont she be hungry? The answer to all these questions is N-O, No. hmmphhh.

She plays happily in our Patio enjoying the evening sun, the breeze, green lawn, butterflies, but the minute she sees me coming behind her with a Corelle containing curd rice / idly / rasam saadham in one hand & a spoon in another, she makes an 180 degree turn and runs (Yes, R-U-N-S) in the opposite direction 😦 In the process of running & escaping, she even trips & falls down on the deck, Nah,,,,she doesn’t mind that, all she wants to is to Run-away-from-evil-mommy-who-bothers-me-to-eat-food-all-the-time. Yes, I end up laughing at her πŸ™‚ Such a cute devil she is πŸ™‚ My baby!

Ok back to the purpose of this thread. We’ve tried almost allll the possibilities that a mommy can think of to make her baby eat. Nothing seems to work out & I haven’t stopped my research on how to make her eat πŸ˜‰

Having her on my hip, taking her out, showing the trees, aeroplane, plants, flowers, bees, even the construction workers who work on the new homes in the opposite lot of our house, garage doors, lawn, grass, door, chime @ the door, coming back to the house, her toys, silly music from the toys, TV, fan, light switch, microwave, faucet, bottle cleaning brush, lunch bag —- I’ve tried distracting her with all possible things @ my house and give her food….Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

Yes, I havent stopped researching πŸ˜€

Wish me luck, again. πŸ™‚

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