I’m amazed / puzzled / surprised / shocked – yeaa, mixed emotions for me when I see my 13 month old cry out loud in anger.
Example 1 – Shriya opens the cabinets, takes out the cookware, starts hitting them on to the floor. Enters mom, grabs the cookware from her, says ‘No Shriya, I dont want you to do that’, puts it back to the cabinet, closes the door. Shriya gets mad and pounces on me and scratches me. 😦 Mom is worried

Example 2 – Shriya picks food / dirt from the floor, puts it on to her mouth. Mom sees her, tries to take it out from her mouth, Shriya runs, Mommy runs behind her, takes it out, says ‘No Shriya, You should not pick & eat dirt from the floor’. Shriya gets mad and puts her hand on her head and bangs her head on to the floor & cries. 😦 Mom is again worried

Example 3 – Mom trying to feed Shriya. Shriya turns her head away from food, Mom tries to feed again, Shriya hits the spoon & the food splatters all over mom’s face, dress & floor. Now, Mom gets mad & says ‘Shriya dont do that’. Shriya gets angry & cries. 😦 Mom is terribly worried.

How to discipline her ???

From today, Mom has decided to make Shriya understand by soft yet firm words that she’s not supposed to throw tantrums. Warns her in slow yet firm voice & move away from the scene. She will cry out, Yes, no doubts, but eventually, she will come to mom for comfort. Atleast she can learn that Mom is NOT happy her behaviour.

Wish me luck