Now, all my earlier thoughts about Shriya eating in a well-mannered way @ the daycare came to a blowing full stop šŸ˜¦ Past 3 days I’m getting complaints from her sitter that she isn’t eating food with interest. Breakast, Lunch – All 2 meals she cries & eats šŸ˜¦

And Dinner time – huh, who cares to eat, all she wants to do is play & have fun. I mean, she runs all day long & plays, wont she be tired? wont she be hungry? The answer to all these questions is N-O, No. hmmphhh.

She plays happily in our Patio enjoying the evening sun, the breeze, green lawn, butterflies, but the minute she sees me coming behind her with a Corelle containing curd rice / idly / rasam saadham in one hand & a spoon in another, she makes an 180 degree turn and runs (Yes, R-U-N-S) in the opposite direction šŸ˜¦ In the process of running & escaping, she even trips & falls down on the deck, Nah,,,,she doesn’t mind that, all she wants to is to Run-away-from-evil-mommy-who-bothers-me-to-eat-food-all-the-time. Yes, I end up laughing at her šŸ™‚ Such a cute devil she is šŸ™‚ My baby!

Ok back to the purpose of this thread. We’ve tried almost allll the possibilities that a mommy can think of to make her baby eat. Nothing seems to work out & I haven’t stopped my research on how to make her eat šŸ˜‰

Having her on my hip, taking her out, showing the trees, aeroplane, plants, flowers, bees, even the construction workers who work on the new homes in the opposite lot of our house, garage doors, lawn, grass, door, chime @ the door, coming back to the house, her toys, silly music from the toys, TV, fan, light switch, microwave, faucet, bottle cleaning brush, lunch bag —- I’ve tried distracting her with all possible things @ my house and give her food….Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt.

Yes, I havent stopped researching šŸ˜€

Wish me luck, again. šŸ™‚