Its been 4 days since Shriya ate properly. Everytime I try to feed her, she runs away from me (Read as F-O-O-D) and cries non stop until I take the food away.

Last night, I filled her baby plate that has Cindrella & a castle on it, with a slice of banana, apple, 1/2 ghee dosai, 2 pieces of Pasta, hoping she will atleast eat anyone from it. I didnt feed her, force her, just sat down with the plate. She saw me, ran away from me, cried non stop until I removed all those & washed my hands. Hmmphhhhh Later she had some milk n went to bed. But woke up quiet often in the middle of the night, hungry??? Oh yea, how can she sleep with empty stomach 😦 I’m getting waaay too stressed her with her food intake 😦 God please help me