July 2010

Its been running in my mind for a while now. She currently goes to a home-care center where an Indian lady takes care of my daughter and 3 other kids. And I can clearly see that she loves to go there & she is having fun with the other kids. Earlier she would run n hug her appa when my DH picks her up in the evenings. But these days, even after seeing him @ the doorstep, she will ignore him & continue her playtime. Haha

Ever since she turned 15 months, and she started grasping more, I’ve been thinking of moving her to a curriculum based Daycare where they have a proper schedule & they teach kids the basics of shapes, colors, sorting, story-telling time et al. And Ive visited quiet a few of them, in the past 2 weeks.

Local church daycare, Primrose, Kids R Kids, Sunshine house, PPA are some of the few I can list here & I would say that I’m much inclined towards PPA.

Even though its little out of our budget, still, it’s close to our house, the curriculum is good, they take her with bottle (some school said they dont take kids using bottle in the young Toddler room, WTH, shes still a kid and slowly they had to do the transition, but instead, they were giving it as a pre-requisite for the baby 😮 to enroll), they have online streaming facility, where in, I can see her activities during her daytime @ the school, they have an indoor playground (keeping in mind ATL’s hottest summer & chilly-windy-cold fall/winter, I thought she still needs her playtime – exercise and this will help her as he grows). Well, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to enroll her in a good school 🙂


Shriyu is getting back to I-Will-Not-Eat-my-food tantrum again 😦 Since last 1 week, she was not eating her solids properly, but she would gulp down her milk & was ready to run away form my grip. I tried to keep her hungry and not feed her in between her meals, but nothing worked out. She would rather prefer to not to eat & play / sleep rather than eating.

I wonder, how can a kid be like this. Like, she is not ready to open her mouth when I offer her a spoon. Be it rice or soup or Mac n cheese or fruit or whateve’. She is not ready to open her mouth n receive the food that I offer. Only if she tastes it, she will know whether she likes that food or not. But the problem with her is, she’s not ready to try the food I offer 😦 I hope she eats well as she grows…

Come weekends, scared I become 😦 esp with the shopping. Ever since my lil pint started to walk (read as R-U-N) this has been a nightmare for us. An earful of yelling followed by arching herself into a curve is a usual routine for us when we try to buckle-up in her stroller. So, offlate, we don’t carry her stroller (then its one person pushing the cart with her & the other an empty stroller 😐 ) to any stores. I just make sure that she has her shoes on, and I have wet tissues / hand sanitizer on.

The latest nightmare was @ the Kohl’s & the wal-mart. Little did we know about the ‘harm’ she can bring by wandering freely @ the Kohl’s store. All the neatly folded shirts n pants were strewn on the floor 😦 Worst was at the wal-mart where she started to reach for the chips packets, jelly bottles. But thank god we quickly grabbed her and prevented a mess 😦 Phewwww. So all the grocery shopping is mommy’s duty now, and I finish it on my way to home from work.

I hope the whole shopping experience will be alright once she becomes 2…

I visited the Gymboree Play & Learn closer to my place & was excited to see the kids having so much fun there…So before enrolling her to the classes there, I thought of getting her to the center, to see whether she likes it.

So, the Saturday started off with a quick shower & breakfast and we headed to the 11AM class…The kids in that class room were from 10 – 16 months. And I can see that all the kids loved thoroughly the class. There were play gym set up in the room and the teacher started off with BIG and SMALL grouping, BOUNCING on the balls, playing with hoops, rhymes, circle-go-round, BUBBLE rhyme time and finally PARACHUTE play…which was the most loved play time for the kids.

Still contemplating about enrolling her to the classes. I really want to put her in level 4 which is for kids from 16 – 24 months. As this class teach with socializing & motor skills development, which she already does, I want her to start learning to communicate by words…So, may be after a month I will call & check whether they can take her in the next level class…

Well, Shriya proves every now & then that she’s a Big Kid now and I wanted to protect her from getting hurt (that’s what mother’s are for 🙂 )So last weekend, we bought a gate and my DH fixed it on the way to the stairs immediately.

So, now, our li’l monster can’t climb up the stairs and can’t create heart-attack for mommy like she did last week. She freaked the hell out of me when I saw her up in the 7th step all by herself, and no one around her 😮

Yea, this will “protect” her from climbing up & hurting herself…Thanks evenflow 😛

OMG….I really dont know from where she learnt to like Barney, as the babysitter doesn’t play it for her. I recorded one Barney show & thought she can rather watch it, instead of watching other junk on my Ti-vo :-P. There’s this ‘Rainforest’ episode that talks about Earth day, trees, forest n all…she loves a particular song where Barney & his friends sings about a Nest on a branch, on a tree, on the hole, on the ground – like that…

There’s one particular line, which goes like this;
There was a tree, the prettiest tree, that you ever did see for which Barney & his friends does like ‘see’ action with their palm over their forehead. And yday, while watching it, she put her hand on her head (not on her forehead but on her head) and started to smile & shake her body…that was “the” cute moment in my life…My daughter learning & doing it 🙂 Wowwww, I should put her in a school soon 🙂

And as a result, i keep humming the song all the time 😮 and even while trying to sleep in the night, this song keeps hitting my mind 😮

Shriya doesn’t talk a lot of words now…They say @ 15 months, baby should recognise few words…But, ummm let’ see

She says;
appa / aba – meaning dad in my native language
aygaaa / amma – meaning mom

She understands;
Fan – if asked, she will look up
aeroplane – again, if we say ‘look at the airplane’ she will look up
No – since her 8th month 😛
dhudhu – meaning milk, and when shown the bottle with milk, she smiles n jumps with joy
Baby doll – Her fav baby doll toy and she pats ‘sleep, sleep’ to the doll when i say ‘Do baby – sleep sleep’

Updating words on Sep 24th, 2010
Tickle Tickle – I play ‘Tickle Tickle’ with her and now she can say that word clealy 🙂

I will keep on updating this as n when she improves 🙂

Updating on Sep 16th 2010, She is 17 months old now. She doesnt talk lot of words but still has lot more baby babbles now and points and babbles something which obviously, we still dont understand 🙂

When her dad is not around, she knows that he’s upstairs studying. So she calls out for him and when she doesn’t get any response, starts climbing the stairs and knocks his room. Dad – on seeing his daughter looking for him, opens the door and fondles her.

When I offer her Cereal in the morn [she eats them without milk], she likes to hold a couple of them in her hand while still having a couple in her mouth. And when I say ‘Aaaa pOtukkO’ [meaning, put it in your mouth] she does that.

I used to play with her run & catch, like, she will be in one corner of the room and I will be in the other. When I say, 1-2-and-333333333 and fake-run towards her, she will laugh out loud and run away from me 🙂
And I play this all the time with her. And one fine evening, 2 weeks back, she was standing on the couch and I was standing beside her, and I heard her babble something in the same tone like I used to say 1-2-3. And after the third word she babbled, she LOL again and ran…And I realised that she’s immitating my 1-2-3 and playing it on her own 🙂 Haha… She will play on her own, by stepping backwards and stopping suddenly and babbling 1-2-3 and run on her own. How cute!!!!

When I point and ask her to hand over that thing to me, she does that.

So basically, she understand what we are trying to talk to her and does that and sometimes, when I tell her NOT to do it, she obviously does that to tease me 🙂 Hahaha, my sweetyy lil bunny!!!