Shriya doesn’t talk a lot of words now…They say @ 15 months, baby should recognise few words…But, ummm let’ see

She says;
appa / aba – meaning dad in my native language
aygaaa / amma – meaning mom

She understands;
Fan – if asked, she will look up
aeroplane – again, if we say ‘look at the airplane’ she will look up
No – since her 8th month πŸ˜›
dhudhu – meaning milk, and when shown the bottle with milk, she smiles n jumps with joy
Baby doll – Her fav baby doll toy and she pats ‘sleep, sleep’ to the doll when i say ‘Do baby – sleep sleep’

Updating words on Sep 24th, 2010
Tickle Tickle – I play ‘Tickle Tickle’ with her and now she can say that word clealy πŸ™‚

I will keep on updating this as n when she improves πŸ™‚

Updating on Sep 16th 2010, She is 17 months old now. She doesnt talk lot of words but still has lot more baby babbles now and points and babbles something which obviously, we still dont understand πŸ™‚

When her dad is not around, she knows that he’s upstairs studying. So she calls out for him and when she doesn’t get any response, starts climbing the stairs and knocks his room. Dad – on seeing his daughter looking for him, opens the door and fondles her.

When I offer her Cereal in the morn [she eats them without milk], she likes to hold a couple of them in her hand while still having a couple in her mouth. And when I say ‘Aaaa pOtukkO’ [meaning, put it in your mouth] she does that.

I used to play with her run & catch, like, she will be in one corner of the room and I will be in the other. When I say, 1-2-and-333333333 and fake-run towards her, she will laugh out loud and run away from me πŸ™‚
And I play this all the time with her. And one fine evening, 2 weeks back, she was standing on the couch and I was standing beside her, and I heard her babble something in the same tone like I used to say 1-2-3. And after the third word she babbled, she LOL again and ran…And I realised that she’s immitating my 1-2-3 and playing it on her own πŸ™‚ Haha… She will play on her own, by stepping backwards and stopping suddenly and babbling 1-2-3 and run on her own. How cute!!!!

When I point and ask her to hand over that thing to me, she does that.

So basically, she understand what we are trying to talk to her and does that and sometimes, when I tell her NOT to do it, she obviously does that to tease me πŸ™‚ Hahaha, my sweetyy lil bunny!!!