I visited the Gymboree Play & Learn closer to my place & was excited to see the kids having so much fun there…So before enrolling her to the classes there, I thought of getting her to the center, to see whether she likes it.

So, the Saturday started off with a quick shower & breakfast and we headed to the 11AM class…The kids in that class room were from 10 – 16 months. And I can see that all the kids loved thoroughly the class. There were play gym set up in the room and the teacher started off with BIG and SMALL grouping, BOUNCING on the balls, playing with hoops, rhymes, circle-go-round, BUBBLE rhyme time and finally PARACHUTE play…which was the most loved play time for the kids.

Still contemplating about enrolling her to the classes. I really want to put her in level 4 which is for kids from 16 – 24 months. As this class teach with socializing & motor skills development, which she already does, I want her to start learning to communicate by words…So, may be after a month I will call & check whether they can take her in the next level class…