Come weekends, scared I become šŸ˜¦ esp with the shopping. Ever since my lil pint started to walk (read as R-U-N) this has been a nightmare for us. An earful of yelling followed by arching herself into a curve is a usual routine for us when we try to buckle-up in her stroller. So, offlate, we don’t carry her stroller (then its one person pushing the cart with her & the other an empty stroller šŸ˜ ) to any stores. I just make sure that she has her shoes on, and I have wet tissues / hand sanitizer on.

The latest nightmare was @ the Kohl’s & the wal-mart. Little did we know about the ‘harm’ she can bring by wandering freely @ the Kohl’s store. All the neatly folded shirts n pants were strewn on the floor šŸ˜¦ Worst was at the wal-mart where she started to reach for the chips packets, jelly bottles. But thank god we quickly grabbed her and prevented a mess šŸ˜¦ Phewwww. So all the grocery shopping is mommy’s duty now, and I finish it on my way to home from work.

I hope the whole shopping experience will be alright once she becomes 2…