Its been running in my mind for a while now. She currently goes to a home-care center where an Indian lady takes care of my daughter and 3 other kids. And I can clearly see that she loves to go there & she is having fun with the other kids. Earlier she would run n hug her appa when my DH picks her up in the evenings. But these days, even after seeing him @ the doorstep, she will ignore him & continue her playtime. Haha

Ever since she turned 15 months, and she started grasping more, I’ve been thinking of moving her to a curriculum based Daycare where they have a proper schedule & they teach kids the basics of shapes, colors, sorting, story-telling time et al. And Ive visited quiet a few of them, in the past 2 weeks.

Local church daycare, Primrose, Kids R Kids, Sunshine house, PPA are some of the few I can list here & I would say that I’m much inclined towards PPA.

Even though its little out of our budget, still, it’s close to our house, the curriculum is good, they take her with bottle (some school said they dont take kids using bottle in the young Toddler room, WTH, shes still a kid and slowly they had to do the transition, but instead, they were giving it as a pre-requisite for the baby 😮 to enroll), they have online streaming facility, where in, I can see her activities during her daytime @ the school, they have an indoor playground (keeping in mind ATL’s hottest summer & chilly-windy-cold fall/winter, I thought she still needs her playtime – exercise and this will help her as he grows). Well, keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to enroll her in a good school 🙂