August 2010

Oh yea, 2nd time ear piercing done with all SUCCESS!!!

Lasy weekend, we went to nearby Mall and got her ears pierced @ Piercing Pagoda. And they gave an ear cleanse solution to apply it to her ears twice a day, so hopefully, no infections this time! Phew!!!

It was indeed a himalayan task for my DH to hold her until the piercing was done. In between, I had to accept the “Ouchhh” & “Oooooo’s” from the people passing by 😛 But after her shot, she cried for a couple of minutes and later on she was totally totally fine. And we were so glad n releived 🙂 that it went on well.

Here’s my cutie pie with her cute earrings on 🙂


Shriya of-late, started this weird habit of biting me. When she gets real mad or angry, she will start scratching my legs, thighs and finally will bite me 😦

Last evening, she was running with the TV remote and since already the main remote has vanished mysteriously (thanks to her, of course!) I didn’t want to lose this one either. So I asked her to give it back to me, which she usually gives it back, but didn’t yday. So She ran, I ran, she laughed, I laughed and when I caught her and snatched the remote, she got mad at me and scracthed my legs and bit my finger and said ‘arrrghhhhhh’ 😦

Hope she leaves of this behaviour 😦

Before Shriya, when I see the tiny little baby frocks in the baby aisle, I go ‘awwwww’ and claim how cute they are…and my DH will walk away with a smile on his face.

And now, when I see them in the stores, I immediately grab them and add it in the cart! Can’t help in stopping myself from buying those cute little baby dress 🙂

And everytime I dress my daughter with one of those dresses and put on matching clips on her hair, I take picture!!!!!!! Here’s one 🙂

Love it !!!

After I bathe my LO and put her on the bed to dry her body n hair…I kiss ‘n tickle her tummy 🙂 Love the laughter and she loves my play-time with her.
Once dried, the fresh smell of her body and a dab of J&J Powder, mmmmmmmm Can’t ask for more!

Shriyu after her morn bath on a fine Sunday morning,

I realised that one should feel gifted to keep falling in love over and over. Yes, I’m totally GIFTED!!!

When my lil one, comes home in the eve from the daycare, she will jump from her daddy’s arms to mine in no time. Holding her and showering her with kisses and hugs, her cheeks nuzzling against my neck, as I smell her…I’m in Love !
When she climbs the couch and runs from one corner of the sectional to the other, and when she passes a lovely smile, Oh boy, I’m totally knocked out…I’m in Love !!
When she runs to reach for her toys, as she throws away the top ones and reaches for the bottom ones, the moment she sees me watching her, she runs towards me and trips n stumble down, gives a faint whine, before I pick her, she gets up on her own and reaches me…Gosh,,,she’s growing, she’s a BIG girl now….and I realise I’m in Love, again !!!

Everytime she looks @ me, smiles @ me, wants me, laughs heavily as I tickle her baby belly-button…I realise how much I love my daughter.

Love you Shriya – Amma & Appa 🙂

Couple of our friends has already witnessed Shriya’s rowdyism during different scenarios 😀 And now here I have one to share 🙂

When we were heading to our friend’s son Bday party, I had put Shriya and Ananya in N’s car and I was sitting with them. Ananya was sooooo sleepy and trying to sleep. she was pacifying herself by sucking her thumb. This lil monster, Shriya, though she was also sleepy n sucking her thumb, didnt allow Annu to sleep
:-O . Rather, she was trying to take Annu’s thumb out from her mouth, putting her leg inside Annu’s car seat and bullying her. My Rowdy!!!

Last weekend, we were invited to CatchAir for a birthday Party. I was looking for one such thing for quiet some time to take Shriya to. Since the ATL weather is waaaaay too hot for some outside activities for her, I thought this might be a better option for her to do some F-U-N activities. And this is a Super hit!!! I should thank my friend, R , for inviting us to this party.

The moment we entered geared up with our socks, she looked around for a moment and soon she zoooomeed into the play yard and was having super fun. She loved ALL the activities there. In particular, she likes the playGym where we climb (Oh yea, I go behind her to make sure she’s safe up there) the steps, cross a bridge and slide down all the way down 🙂 And I loved the Moon walk thingy with a slide down…

Here’s some pictures to show how much we enjoyed! 🙂

Shriyu & Ananya

Mom & Shriyu

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