Last week, a weekday evening, I was shocked (and surprised) to see my naughty lil 15 month old up in the stairs, safely seated in the 7th step. As usual, my heart skipped a beat seeing her atop! I was in the kitchen and my DH was upstairs, and I felt the house was unusually calm. As I rushed to the stairs to check whether she was with her dad, I saw her on the steps :-O. We wanted to check how she climbed the stairs and so I put her on to the floor, outside the gate & I was sitting on the stairs. We watched her:

Step 1: Hold on to the gate tightly using both your hands
Step 2: Place your left foot on the horizontal bar in the gate, that is used to adjust the width of the gate
Step 3: Put your right foot over the gate while still holding on the gate with your hands and right foot secured firmly on the bar
Step 4: As you climb over using your right food, take one hand off and hold on to the rail in the side of the stairs.
Step 5: Now throw your other leg over the gate and land safely on the stairs
Step 6: Climb the stairs like you usually do 😐

Now, how clever she is!!!!!

Not as clever as her producers (hehe yes the mom & dad) who turned the gate the other way, so that the horizontal bar faces the stairs and not this lil monkey 😀

Disappointed as she cant climb the stairs on her own, anymore, she started to shake it so much that it comes off the wall and falls on the floor 😦 Now yea, shes more clever!!!

This series of picture, shows how she’s wanting to try AGAIN to climb the stairs!

All excited to be near the stairs,..

Judging herself initially, using her left foot…

Dont make me cry here…

Gives me a huh-whatcha-looking-at look…

And finally ends up crying, as I say a big N-O to her activities 😛