Last weekend, we were invited to CatchAir for a birthday Party. I was looking for one such thing for quiet some time to take Shriya to. Since the ATL weather is waaaaay too hot for some outside activities for her, I thought this might be a better option for her to do some F-U-N activities. And this is a Super hit!!! I should thank my friend, R , for inviting us to this party.

The moment we entered geared up with our socks, she looked around for a moment and soon she zoooomeed into the play yard and was having super fun. She loved ALL the activities there. In particular, she likes the playGym where we climb (Oh yea, I go behind her to make sure she’s safe up there) the steps, cross a bridge and slide down all the way down 🙂 And I loved the Moon walk thingy with a slide down…

Here’s some pictures to show how much we enjoyed! 🙂

Shriyu & Ananya

Mom & Shriyu