I realised that one should feel gifted to keep falling in love over and over. Yes, I’m totally GIFTED!!!

When my lil one, comes home in the eve from the daycare, she will jump from her daddy’s arms to mine in no time. Holding her and showering her with kisses and hugs, her cheeks nuzzling against my neck, as I smell her…I’m in Love !
When she climbs the couch and runs from one corner of the sectional to the other, and when she passes a lovely smile, Oh boy, I’m totally knocked out…I’m in Love !!
When she runs to reach for her toys, as she throws away the top ones and reaches for the bottom ones, the moment she sees me watching her, she runs towards me and trips n stumble down, gives a faint whine, before I pick her, she gets up on her own and reaches me…Gosh,,,she’s growing, she’s a BIG girl now….and I realise I’m in Love, again !!!

Everytime she looks @ me, smiles @ me, wants me, laughs heavily as I tickle her baby belly-button…I realise how much I love my daughter.

Love you Shriya – Amma & Appa 🙂