Dressing my little one with pattu paavaadai [skirt and a blouse combination made with silk material ], I looked for kohl pencil to draw ‘pottu’ for her. Putting her down on the bed, I carefully selected hair clips that would match her paavaadai. When I tried to add on a rubber-band to her clips, I failed in my attempt, thanks to my naughty Shriya. She immediately pulled it off. I carefully analyzed her and guessed she missed something else, and added a zircon-ruby necklace. As soon as I decked her with all the accessories, I looked at her one more time, and said ‘Isn’t she pretty’? . Touching her cheeks with my Palms, getting them to my forehead and folding them with a sound at my knuckles, I said ‘dhrishti kazhinjadhu’ , meaning evil eyes / anything negative is warded off šŸ™‚

Whenever I dress up Shriya, I always get reminded of my childhood days, when my mother dresses me up. During occasions like Diwali, Navarathri, saraswathi pooja and many others, my mom would dress me up with ‘pattu paavaadai’ , hair carefully braided and ended with a ‘kunjalam’, fresh-jasmine flowers adorning my hair, putting on a ‘pottu’ on my forehead and a small dot on my cheeks with a kohl – for drishti… I love to follow the same pattern for my daughter too. When I learnt that I will be having a baby girl during my 18th week ultrasound, pink hairband, pink frocks, pink socks were floating in my mind. Many a time, while shopping, I will be tempted to buy those dresses and accessories for my baby girl. šŸ™‚
As I cleaned up her accessories box last evening, I realised how much I have bought / collected for her. Can’t wait for her to talk and ask for more šŸ™‚ Heeeee

Here’s my Shriyu, with her pattu paavaadai, Hair clips, necklace and Oh yes, bangles šŸ™‚