Hehe the topic feels kinda weird., but hey, this post is not meant for trash-trash. 🙂

Tuesday is Trash Day in our communtiy and hence Monday evening is pick-your-trash-dump-in-the-trash-can time. Since it’s Daddy’s job, he will pick up the kitchen trash, restroom trash, Diaper Champ trash and Master bedroom trash, tie it all together and dump in the Huge trash can and roll it away to the frontyard walkway. And Tuesday evening he will wheel it back to its original place back.

I was busy fixing dinner last evening, as usual, and we noticed, the minute Daddy took the Kitchen Trash can lid off, and as he began tying the trash bag, my LO took small quick steps and literally ran to the front door !!! Amazed by her remembrance about the trash ritual my DH does, I silently watched her from the other end of the room. And OMG, she was waiting, near the Foyer area, for my husband to collect the restroom trash. 😮 We were amazed how much she has gotten into our routine and learnt that he will come there next and head to the front door!!! And yes, the minute she saw her dad pick the trash and head to the door, she was ALL SMILES! and enjoyed her outdoor time with her dad 🙂