October 2010

Here’s the other thing my cutie-pie learnt. Last evening, as we were having mom-baby girl time sitting on the couch, she dropped her toy down. I Uh-Ohh’ed immediately and surprise, she repeated it after me. Then after some time, my remote fell down and she Uh-ohh’ed 🙂 I hugged her with smiles and showered her with kisses!

But only to the later realization that, she voluntarily dropped stuffs from couch and uh-ohh’ed everytime as she picked it up! Naughty Naughty!!!


She can say, but not clearly;
aria [her frends name]
aichii [moms name]
appa [in her mother tongue]
tickle [very clearly]
thank you [not so clear]
Bless you [not so clear]
Please [somewhat clear]
dhudhu [milk in her mother tongue]
appadiya [like talking in fone]

She understands every actions; like
close the door
take that toy
sleep sleep the toy baby doll
Fan [looks up at the fan]
airplane [shows it]
Moon [points it and shows it]
Looks at mirror and says azhagaa iruke [with index finger in her cheeks]
come here
kiss me
hug me
spoon is for eating

and her Ped says, she will soon start coining words and talk. Am waiting for that 😀

But still she drinks milks only from bottle 😦 When offered Sippy Cup, she runs away from it and cries non-stop 😦

Last weekend was her 18th month shots and an added Flu shot for this season. Poor thing had 3 shots altogether and I was expecting her to be dull / cranky / silent types…She gives me surprises! The moment she came home, she hugged me as usual and started running around the house :-/ Even the shots cannot make her sit calm and quietly at a place. Hmmmmm

Navarathri is an Indian festival meaning 9 nights, It is celebrated all over India and the 10th day is called as Dusshera in Northern India. All 9 days are important and offerings are made to Goddess. The first 3 is for Durga [Goddess of Strength and power], next 3 days for Lakshmi [Goddess of Wealth and prosperity] and last 3 days for Saraswathi [Goddess of wisdom and knowledge]

And needless to say, it is important occassion for all ladies. We meet other friends, family on this occassion, exchange sweets and pray and have fun!

I dressed up my little one on the weekend ending of the festival, invited friends and family for dinner on the 10th day. And sharing some pictures here of my sweetie-pie 🙂

On 15th Oct Fri eve to visit our Neighbor’s Navarathri Golu

On 16th Oct, Saraswathi poojai day

On 16th Oct eve, at friends place

On 17th Oct, @ our place with my friends;

My little girl is getting smarter day by day. Smarter in the sense, clever, intelligent, wicket…everything 🙂

She has got the hang of getting things done by constant whining. She whines for anything and everything and gets what she wanted. And sometimes she really gets on our nerve 😦

And now, she imitates us a lot…
1. If something spills on the floor, I take a paper towel and wipe the floor. If I leave it there and leave, she will wipe the floor, like me. haha 🙂
2. She talks on her toy phone, and says,,,’mmm, appithaaa, hahaha’ like how I talk, and laugh in between the fone calls, she does the same.
3. And last night, I kept the dust pan and brush on the floor and was washing my hands, she took it and began dusting the dirt on the floor.
4. Given the tooth brush, she brushes her teeth
5. She takes my comb and brushes her hair
6. If she gets my perfume from the drawer, she tries to use it too…

Man,,,,they are no longer babies, they observe us and imitates us sooooo much 🙂 And yes, they are growing, getting smarter!

Yes, we started this Fall tradition this year and guess we will continue in forthcoming years 🙂

Last weekend, we went to pick apples @ Reece Orchards in Ellijay, GA. It was 1.5 hr drive one way. It was a beautifyl sunny day and the kids enjoyed at the apple farms picking apples from trees, from the ground and drinking cold apple cider 🙂 and came back home with a bunch of apples. And we headed out towards Amicalola Falls for Picnick Dinner! where it started to get cold and this lil thing was shivering in cold…I ran and took her inside the car where she became fine. Phew!!!

Shriya really enjoyed with her friends the whole day and had fun playing with them. And she behaved well in the car ride too. But she didnt eat anything during the whole trip except for Juice and water 😐 Iam just waiting for the day when she runs to me and asks for F-O-O-D :||||

Here are some pictures taken in the Orchards

Shriya enjoying apples;

And Shriya with her friends;

Lately, I see a sharp increase in her behavior. Its difficult in trying to explain her or teach her about self control. After all she’s just a 17 month old. But it leaves total Chaos situation. And I really need self control not to scream at her.

During my busy mornings, when she’s up with me, as I prepare breakfast for the family and make coffee, as soon as she sees me pouring Milk in her bottle, she needs it immediately…N-O-W! She just wouldnt let me microwave it and warm it up for her.

When she sees her Straw cup on the island counter, she needs it immediately…N-O-W! She just wouldnt let me fill it up with juice or water.

When she sees Fruit Loops bag on the island counter, she needs it immediately…N-O-W! She just wouldnt let me pour it in her bowl and hand it over to her.

And I learnt to talk to her in a soft loving manner and explaining her that indeed,Iam going to hand it over to her and she has to ‘Wait’ for couple of minutes…Yes, now am teaching her ‘wait please’ means ‘to wait’
🙂 Hope she grabs this soon and behaves well!

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