My little girl is getting smarter day by day. Smarter in the sense, clever, intelligent, wicket…everything 🙂

She has got the hang of getting things done by constant whining. She whines for anything and everything and gets what she wanted. And sometimes she really gets on our nerve 😦

And now, she imitates us a lot…
1. If something spills on the floor, I take a paper towel and wipe the floor. If I leave it there and leave, she will wipe the floor, like me. haha 🙂
2. She talks on her toy phone, and says,,,’mmm, appithaaa, hahaha’ like how I talk, and laugh in between the fone calls, she does the same.
3. And last night, I kept the dust pan and brush on the floor and was washing my hands, she took it and began dusting the dirt on the floor.
4. Given the tooth brush, she brushes her teeth
5. She takes my comb and brushes her hair
6. If she gets my perfume from the drawer, she tries to use it too…

Man,,,,they are no longer babies, they observe us and imitates us sooooo much 🙂 And yes, they are growing, getting smarter!