Navarathri is an Indian festival meaning 9 nights, It is celebrated all over India and the 10th day is called as Dusshera in Northern India. All 9 days are important and offerings are made to Goddess. The first 3 is for Durga [Goddess of Strength and power], next 3 days for Lakshmi [Goddess of Wealth and prosperity] and last 3 days for Saraswathi [Goddess of wisdom and knowledge]

And needless to say, it is important occassion for all ladies. We meet other friends, family on this occassion, exchange sweets and pray and have fun!

I dressed up my little one on the weekend ending of the festival, invited friends and family for dinner on the 10th day. And sharing some pictures here of my sweetie-pie 🙂

On 15th Oct Fri eve to visit our Neighbor’s Navarathri Golu

On 16th Oct, Saraswathi poojai day

On 16th Oct eve, at friends place

On 17th Oct, @ our place with my friends;