She can say, but not clearly;
aria [her frends name]
aichii [moms name]
appa [in her mother tongue]
tickle [very clearly]
thank you [not so clear]
Bless you [not so clear]
Please [somewhat clear]
dhudhu [milk in her mother tongue]
appadiya [like talking in fone]

She understands every actions; like
close the door
take that toy
sleep sleep the toy baby doll
Fan [looks up at the fan]
airplane [shows it]
Moon [points it and shows it]
Looks at mirror and says azhagaa iruke [with index finger in her cheeks]
come here
kiss me
hug me
spoon is for eating

and her Ped says, she will soon start coining words and talk. Am waiting for that 😀

But still she drinks milks only from bottle 😦 When offered Sippy Cup, she runs away from it and cries non-stop 😦