December 2010

Haha, Shriya doesnt say 100 words yet, but she LOVES her ‘First 100 words’ book.

Once flipping thru its pages, she saw a baby pic and immediately she said ‘chee, chee’ And then only I noticed that, the baby was wearing Diapers and its right hand is on the Diaper. When I change her, when she touches the diaper, I say ‘chee’ to her meaning, its Yuckie and she shouldn’t touch it, and she says the same to that baby. Hahaha!

She identifies Ball, says dhoodhoo for Milk in the Bottle, says Bye-Bye for Car.

I’m happy that she can relate the things she sees everyday to the pic in the book and the action/purpose that goes with the picture 🙂

My clever muttoooooo 🙂 Love ya!


Not only Old McDonald, nowadays, when I sing, ‘I love you’ she says ‘beee aaaappy’!!! 🙂 meaning ‘Happy Family’

My hunny sweetie bunnnn 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

Okay, my baby can actually sing a rhyme…I mean, sing as in not completely, but she wants me to sing and she gives me cues for next word. And yes she dances whenever I sing 🙂

Thanks to Barney, she loves that ‘Barney’s Music time’ and once there’s Old McDonald in it.
And now, whenever I sing ‘Old McDonald had a farm’ to her, she says ‘ee-aa-ee-aa-oo’ and once I say cow, she prompts ‘moo-moo’ 🙂 How sweet!!!

Ahhhh her purple doll – She lovesssssssss it!!! And the doll has travelled from Atlanta to S’pore to Malaysia to India to Mexico 🙂

And it’s very cute when she tries to feed her doll, offer it some water, cover her with a blankie, and pats it and puts her to bed!!! She pretends to be mommy to the doll and does what all I do to her…How cute is that!!!

One of the main task accomplished during our Vacation – ‘Shriya now likes [not loves] to play in water’ YAYYYY!!!

Earlier, I tried to get her in to the pool, this summer and it didn’t work. She ended up in a huge cry that embrassed me when fellow pool mates looked at me like some cruel-mom kind. And we decided to get her over with her fear of water.

We went to Cancun for 4 day vacation [I dont feel it as a short one, I felt it fine – but everyone we interacted with @ the resort felt ‘Ohhh that’s a short vacation’] The first day, after we checked in, we hit the beach and she cried like anything. After some time, at the pool, she was little ok. But we didn’t give up and went again to the beach, earlier this time, in the morning. Though there were some initial hiccups, she was fine, she started to play in the water and smiling and laughing and I sensed some success there… May be a good breakfast or the sea breeze or the soothing sound of the waves – she dozed off immediately and slept for a good 2 hours. We took Sleeping Shriya to the pool and daddy watched her while mommy hit the pool 😉 played some water volley. Surprisingly, when Shriya woke up, she got into the pool with mommy and made friends at the pool 🙂 And it got from good – bad here, while we wanted to get out of the pool to grab some lunch, Shriya wanted to stay in the pool 😮
Oh my my my!!! Later in our suite, while having shower, she insisted in staying at the tub for more time and played there too 🙂

And now we are talking about having fun in the water!!! Misson accomplished! 🙂

Shriya started to help us a lot these days…She loves to act big-girl thingie nowadays and doesn’t allow us to feed her or help her. And it looks really cute when she does that!

– She loves to eat on her own and of course, there are lots of spills and mess. But yea, she likes to eat with fork and spoon 🙂 And using paper napkin, she wipes her mouth, haha
– She helps mommy and daddy to throw garbage in trash. But the con is sometimes she puts things in the trash that are not supposed to go in there 😦 😛
– If she sees dust pan and brush, she starts cleaning the floor.
– When food gets spilled on the floor, she cleans it off using Bounty.
– Her used clothes, goes into the laundry bag when I say so 🙂
– Grocery bags are brought inside from the car trunk and the empty bags goes into the trash while potatoes & onions into the lower cabinet 🙂

Ahhhh the pleasure when someone does things for you….am enjoying it right now! 😉
Thanks a ton, honny-bun!

Shriya had a Hair cut last weekend. Her curls getting waaay too thick esp at the back of her head. And being Cold-Winter season now, during the days I wash her hair, its getting difficult for me to dry her hair. [Did I ever mention about her mad-run for Hair Dryer’s noise???] So Hair cut was the only solution for me.

We went to snipits to have a nice trim to her hair. And OMG!!! she screamed, cried , tears all over her face…Suckers didnt work. TV didnt work. Consoling words didnt work. It was an unpleasant experience, but we managed it somehow. And they presented her with 1st hair cut certification 🙂 and a lock of her curl!!! I love it!!!

Doesn’t she look more and more and more like a B-O-Y??? 🙂

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