Shriya had a Hair cut last weekend. Her curls getting waaay too thick esp at the back of her head. And being Cold-Winter season now, during the days I wash her hair, its getting difficult for me to dry her hair. [Did I ever mention about her mad-run for Hair Dryer’s noise???] So Hair cut was the only solution for me.

We went to snipits to have a nice trim to her hair. And OMG!!! she screamed, cried , tears all over her face…Suckers didnt work. TV didnt work. Consoling words didnt work. It was an unpleasant experience, but we managed it somehow. And they presented her with 1st hair cut certification 🙂 and a lock of her curl!!! I love it!!!

Doesn’t she look more and more and more like a B-O-Y??? 🙂