Shriya started to help us a lot these days…She loves to act big-girl thingie nowadays and doesn’t allow us to feed her or help her. And it looks really cute when she does that!

– She loves to eat on her own and of course, there are lots of spills and mess. But yea, she likes to eat with fork and spoon 🙂 And using paper napkin, she wipes her mouth, haha
– She helps mommy and daddy to throw garbage in trash. But the con is sometimes she puts things in the trash that are not supposed to go in there 😦 😛
– If she sees dust pan and brush, she starts cleaning the floor.
– When food gets spilled on the floor, she cleans it off using Bounty.
– Her used clothes, goes into the laundry bag when I say so 🙂
– Grocery bags are brought inside from the car trunk and the empty bags goes into the trash while potatoes & onions into the lower cabinet 🙂

Ahhhh the pleasure when someone does things for you….am enjoying it right now! 😉
Thanks a ton, honny-bun!