One of the main task accomplished during our Vacation – ‘Shriya now likes [not loves] to play in water’ YAYYYY!!!

Earlier, I tried to get her in to the pool, this summer and it didn’t work. She ended up in a huge cry that embrassed me when fellow pool mates looked at me like some cruel-mom kind. And we decided to get her over with her fear of water.

We went to Cancun for 4 day vacation [I dont feel it as a short one, I felt it fine – but everyone we interacted with @ the resort felt ‘Ohhh that’s a short vacation’] The first day, after we checked in, we hit the beach and she cried like anything. After some time, at the pool, she was little ok. But we didn’t give up and went again to the beach, earlier this time, in the morning. Though there were some initial hiccups, she was fine, she started to play in the water and smiling and laughing and I sensed some success there… May be a good breakfast or the sea breeze or the soothing sound of the waves – she dozed off immediately and slept for a good 2 hours. We took Sleeping Shriya to the pool and daddy watched her while mommy hit the pool 😉 played some water volley. Surprisingly, when Shriya woke up, she got into the pool with mommy and made friends at the pool 🙂 And it got from good – bad here, while we wanted to get out of the pool to grab some lunch, Shriya wanted to stay in the pool 😮
Oh my my my!!! Later in our suite, while having shower, she insisted in staying at the tub for more time and played there too 🙂

And now we are talking about having fun in the water!!! Misson accomplished! 🙂