Haha, Shriya doesnt say 100 words yet, but she LOVES her ‘First 100 words’ book.

Once flipping thru its pages, she saw a baby pic and immediately she said ‘chee, chee’ And then only I noticed that, the baby was wearing Diapers and its right hand is on the Diaper. When I change her, when she touches the diaper, I say ‘chee’ to her meaning, its Yuckie and she shouldn’t touch it, and she says the same to that baby. Hahaha!

She identifies Ball, says dhoodhoo for Milk in the Bottle, says Bye-Bye for Car.

I’m happy that she can relate the things she sees everyday to the pic in the book and the action/purpose that goes with the picture 🙂

My clever muttoooooo 🙂 Love ya!