Initially, Shriyu hates bananas. Those teeny-tiny Gerber jars worked when she was little, little meaning 5 months old 🙂 But after that around 10 months, she didnt prefer those. And so I stopped offering her bananas.

When she was 1, she started saying ‘aaapppee’ for Apple, ‘naanaaa’ for banana. And the tale continues…

…And later, when she was a year and half, when I offered her the fruit, she ate it, SURPRISE!!! But now, whenever she spots the thin long yellow fruit on the table, she points index finger to it and asks. And with a happy heart when I offer it to her, with skin half peeled, she will SCREAM, yes in caps! And frightened by her scream [Yes, truth!] I offer it to her immediately and she will calm down. As she eats it, she doesnt know that she has to peel rest of the skin off the fruit, and I try to do so, she thinks I’m snatching it away from her and again SCREAMS!!!
The second time, I offered her to fruit WITHOUT taking off any skin and she tried to peel it off, gave up and threw it on the floor and went off.
The third time, I thought I’m being clever here, cut the fruit in half [as she throws the half-eaten fruit], peel the entire skin off of it and hand it to her, she looks at it curiously, tries to take off the skin [which is NOT there], and to my shock, gives it back to me!!! No skin to peel – No fun – I dont want it Mommy! .
And since she hadnt eaten any, I offered her to other half, the skin still on, she takes it off carefully and eats it!!!! HURAAAY!

Lesson learnt: She likes the fruit, but can only eat half of it, give it to her, with skin on it, she will take it off and eat 🙂

Thats the tale of Banana 🙂