February 2011

The instant Shriya was born, when I looked at her, I cried in joy saying ‘She looks exactly like her dad’ and till now, whenever we meet our friends or attend a party, our friends would say the same words! And I feel even more proud to say that ‘She does things like her dad too’ 🙂

When I saw dad & daughter watching Barney post-dinner, I couldn’t stop myself in capturing their moment.
Here it is;


It’s a tough task for me to tie either a rubber-band or put on a clip on her hair. The minute I put it on, she will take it off and start researching what it is, how it looks, can I put it on my own? kind…

And whenever I dress her up for any party, I will take 2 clips or bands, tie one on her hair while I hand over the other one in her hand, so that she forgets what am really doing at the top of her head 😛 Sometimes it works, most of the times this trick FAILS! But still I manage to distract her when I put a clip or rubber-band, and take pics as soon as I can 🙂 Here’s one…

Yeahhh right! The diaper box which she used to play with for 2 weeks now, is Miss.Purple’s crib. Last evening, after dinner, as I settled on the couch for some TV, I was drawn to my little girl’s play and her actions. I was surprised as she said ‘thaachi’ and placed Miss.Purple inside the box with utmost care. She put her inside the box, said ‘thaachi’ to her again, covered her with blankie. Before I realised, she’s all grown up?!$!#@? she made a room for herself and slept with her inside the box!!! Oh My My My 🙂

Yet another Shriya’s fav Barney number, and it shows her current state too…My little one is all growing up and sometimes I wonder, from where she learnt all these. It’s cute to see her grasping words / actions from mommy and daddy.

Weekend or Weekday, my naughty monster will be up by 6:30AM. Waking to the faint cries from her bedroom, appa usually gets her from her crib and put her in between us. Tiny hands will come searching for me and “Bliss!” once they touch my cheeks 🙂 followed by a laughter – “aichuuu” [this is how she calls me]. Wanting to sleep more, I will cuddle her and pull her under my sheets. Warmth from her body, murmur of the ceiling fan, her tiny fingers – brings immense feeling of happiness and my day starts with a smile on my lips 🙂 She will immediately say ‘off, off’ and shows her feet, meaning to remove the socks. Once her socks are taken off, then she will say ‘kaii kaiiii’ – short form of “kazhattu” – meaning to remove her sweater. Then follows a giggle – that says she’s very happy now 🙂

After brushing her teeth, as we walk out of the restroom into the kitchen, she says ‘dhudhu’ and asks for Milk. Opening and closing the microwave door is one of her fav activity. Once dhudhu is done, its playtime as I settle on the couch with my coffee admiring her.

As I sit there and watch her play, I wonder, how she’s growing everyday and I drench myself with the joy of parenting!

These days, she pretends to be mommy soooooooo much, that I sometimes wonder, how quickly the kids immitates their parents.

As a goody-bag gift, she got a Minnie mouse from Lulu’s 1st birthday party. The minute lulu’s mom gave her the doll, she grabbed and held it at her hip and started to run away from that place, thinking someone might get it back form her 😛 And she was holding it with her all the way back home. And went to sleep.
First thing in the morning, she got the minnie and grabbed a spoon and started feeding her. As I sat there admiring her act, I realised my Sunday is made 🙂

Her new activity is to dump all her stuffs into a cardboard (Diaper) box, right from her Purple doll, bottles, Lego blocks, cup, spoon – anything and everything she can get her hands on. And finally, she will dive inside too, and play sitting inside the box 🙂

Here she is, Ta-daaaa

Happy Valentines Day, jelly-bean!

Ever since we heard your 1st hearbeat, we fell in love.
Ever since we saw you in the 1st ultrasound, we fell in love with you again.
Ever since we heard your 1st cry, we fell in love with you again.
Ever since we felt you 1st, we fell in love with you again & again.

We LOVE you FOREVER hunnie-bunnie.

Muahhhhhhh Shriya baby!

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