Being 1st week at her school, I feel leaving her and letting her cry there and going to work, certainly jinxed her. Past 2 days, she’s refusing to sleep in her room. Come night time, she’s all set to sleep, but the minute we put her in her room, and close the door and come out, she calls out for us. She doesnt cry, but calls us to pick her up. Weird??#@$@#$

I guess she thought we will leave her and go away just like we do in the mornings. I’m really confused now, how to make her realise that bed time is different. Last evening was one such incident and she didnt sleep, instead kept calling me. I ignored as usual, but after some times she said ‘bachillaa’ (her code word for poo-poo) So I panicked and thought she might’ve pooped, hence she’s calling me. But when I checked, she was clean. And I realised, she used this tactic to call me 😮 Whoa whoa whoa, missy, are you becoming that clever now??? The minute I took her out and came downstairs, she slept on my chest 😐 Thinking she’s asleep I tried to put her back on the crib, and she woke up and again the entire drama of calling us. As usual I ignored and this time she was saying ‘chee chee’ & when I checked she pointed to her runny-nose. Man! She’s trying all sorts of possibilities to make me come and pick her up…

I’m really confused now!