Signs of a cranky toddler who cries most of the time, and doesn’t want to eat, clingy to their parents, change in body temperature are typical signs of ‘Teething’. But having a 23 month old, I thought teething stage should be a breeze. But NO, it doesn’t seem so.

After a week at new child care, I thought my toddler will be happy to spend time with her mom during the weekend. But last weekend was awful with her crying, I-will-not-eat tantrums. She sometimes keeps her 4 fingers (except thumb) into her mouth and keep biting it, and drools as she cries, and prefers fruits and milk to solid food. I try to understand her problem but she just cries and cries and cries…I hope she gets over this teething issue soon 😦 Poor thing, am unable to see her cry in pain 😦

Last evening, as she reached out the cabinets to get her favorite snack, Raisins, she gobbled them as fast as she can and all of a sudden, she held her hand under her jaw and cried in pain. That’s when I realised how hard it is for her to bear the pain. Awwwww, I scooped her immediately and made her lie on my shoulders while I swayed from side to side to give her some sort of comfort. Her warm body made me rush to the medical cabinet to give her some Tylenol. Turning on the Big Purple Dinosaur on the Television, I sat on the couch with my warm, tired, sleepy toddler. Ah Bliss! She was quiet & calm and seemed to enjoy that moment. Hope she gets well soon!

Love ya baby! Muaahhhh