Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Conversation between Dad and Daughter last evening.

Shriyu: appa…appa…Choci
Appa: Shriya, appa ku Kissy kudu
Shriyu: NO NO choci
Appa: Kissy?
Shriyu: Choci pheezzz
Appa: Ok, Here you go, choci, Kissy pls?
Shriyu: N-O!

And amma was smiling at her clever lil monkey, appa thought Shriyu will give him a Kissy if he gives her – her choci. But she got the choci and did not kiss him…LOL!


My handbags are NOT mine anymore… It’s all Shriya’s once I come home.
She takes the bag, and her sippy-cup, turns back and waves Bye-Bye to me and pretends to go out! How Cute!!!
She has my handbag while brushing her teeth, while eating, while playing…

Shriya plays MOM all the time with her Purple doll. She feeds her, puts her to bed, gives her water. I guess Miss.Purple has is not feeling well, Shriya is giving her, her Ear Infection medicine. Haha!

It’s been 3 weeks since Shriya started her new school. And I see a tremendous improvement in her attitude 🙂
She doesn’t whine much in the evenings. We give her Dinner as soon as get her in the house. After early dinner, we will play outside which she L-O-V-E-S!

She now counts 1 to 10 along with me
Sings and does the action for Five Little Monkeys! and ENJOYS it thoroughly

Am so happy for her 🙂 Love ya hunniee-pie