March 2011

Phew!!! End of the week, finally…This week has been a roller coaster ride for us, with our lil princess joining a new day care and getting adjusted to it.

Monday – She was very quiet it seems, as it is a new place for her. She slept well, ate well and played with her friends.
Tuesday – Cried as soon as I dropped her off. Ate little and slept. But seemed to be ok
Wednesday – They tried to move her to Toddlers classroom and surprisingly she didnt cry there, it seems. May be she’s not comfortable with the teacher at Twaddlers room??#$#$
Thursday – Twaddlers have new teacher now. And Ms.A said she did good today and didnt cry much. Ate and slept well
Friday – Waiting for update 🙂

Good job hunnieee <3, Love ya!


Being 1st week at her school, I feel leaving her and letting her cry there and going to work, certainly jinxed her. Past 2 days, she’s refusing to sleep in her room. Come night time, she’s all set to sleep, but the minute we put her in her room, and close the door and come out, she calls out for us. She doesnt cry, but calls us to pick her up. Weird??#@$@#$

I guess she thought we will leave her and go away just like we do in the mornings. I’m really confused now, how to make her realise that bed time is different. Last evening was one such incident and she didnt sleep, instead kept calling me. I ignored as usual, but after some times she said ‘bachillaa’ (her code word for poo-poo) So I panicked and thought she might’ve pooped, hence she’s calling me. But when I checked, she was clean. And I realised, she used this tactic to call me 😮 Whoa whoa whoa, missy, are you becoming that clever now??? The minute I took her out and came downstairs, she slept on my chest 😐 Thinking she’s asleep I tried to put her back on the crib, and she woke up and again the entire drama of calling us. As usual I ignored and this time she was saying ‘chee chee’ & when I checked she pointed to her runny-nose. Man! She’s trying all sorts of possibilities to make me come and pick her up…

I’m really confused now!

As I drove to work yday, wiping away my tears that dropped down on my cheek, I was asking myself ‘Am I doing to right thing for you?’. It was Shriya’s first day at school. It’s been over a year, 14 months to be exact since I left you at the care of an Indian babysitter and left to work. My heart pains today as much as it did, 14 months back. The only difference of sending you to a licensed Day care, more like school atmosphere. Driving with no concentration on the road or traffic, I kept asking to myself ‘Is the change necessary now? Will she be okay at school? How will she feed herself? Will she get a good care?’

All I can console myself is, my lil one is growing and I want a good learning experience for her, learn to be more disciplined, more social, learn to share…And I enrolled her at The Learning Experience. It is a good 5-6 mi drive from my home and it’s relatively a new facility, new furniture, new toys, new environment for her. And I hope she likes it initially, later love to grow in it.

She is in ‘Twaddlers’ classroom which has the 2-3 age group kids in it. I know she loves to be with older kids than the younger ones, and the teacher readily agreed to enroll her in the 2 year olds, although she’s only 22 months old.

Involved in a 4 hr meeting @ work, I really couldn’t resist myself in calling the center and checking how she is doing. and to my surprise, learnt that she ate half of the Cinnamon raisin I gave for her breakfast and few spoons of Pasta & that she’s sleeping. Also her teacher added that, she didn’t really needed any help to sleep, when the mattress was laid down, she stepped on it and slept and pulled her blanky to herself. and she slept ON HER OWN! Wow, the teacher was really happy with her at school and so is mommy & daddy 🙂

As the clock ticked to 3:30, I zoomed out of the doors into the elevator, drove to the day care to get back home with my hunnie. But before I picked her, I watched her from outside, and they were having their evening time snacks. As her teacher was offering them Cheese Balls, she helped herself. She watched other kids eat and ate on her own. And in fact, trashed the ones that slipped on to the floor and wiped her hands. Oh my! I’m so much proud of my girl and very happy for her 🙂 But the minute I entered, she swung her arms to me and snuggled herself in the nook of my neck.

The teacher handed over us her activity sheet, we bid them bye for the day and hopped in the car to go home. And her first day at school went GREAT! Good job, my girl 🙂

Last evening, as we were relaxing after dinner, I noticed that my lil one imitates me or repeats my words / actions. I got curious and started to say lotsa new words, that she’s not-so familiar with. And to my surprise, she repeated those correctly almost all of them. I tried to note down all the words she can say now, and am trying to get a list here;


appuu (apple)
aeerrppiiii (airplane)
annooo (anvay)
thaachi (to sleep)
dhudhu (milk)
thank yooo
fooo (shoe)

These are the words she uses regularly, and these are the ones I tried last evening which she repeated back.

tomato (it sounded something else 🙂 )
butter (it was PERFECT)

And some of them I dont remember,,,
But yea, way to go, Shriya 🙂 I have to introduce new words to her everyday now and keep repeating them to her 🙂

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