April 2011

Last week I got Shriya a toy shopping cart and I thought she will have fun & play-pretend with it. As I handed it over to her, I said ‘Here Shriya, go shopping with your cart’ and she grabbed the word ‘shopping’ from me 😉 And now, everytime she plays with it, she says ‘shopping po’ (meaning ‘shopping polaam’ – Lets go shopping) and her dad says ‘You taught her the wrong word at the wrong age’ 🙂 Ha ha


Wish you many many happy returns of the day, baby doll!
– Appa & Amma

When I hear everyone say, ‘Time flies’, I nod and smile…But when it comes to my personal experience, yes, I do feel, TIME REALLY FLIES…I remember starting this blog, when I was experiencing my first mood swings with the baby and nauseated with Morning sickness, penning down my feeling, emotions, everything in this little MY space. And now when I look back, the blog is almost 3 years old and now my baby girl turns 2!!!

Shriya had 3 birthday parties this year 🙂
Friday, April 15th – I picked up some cupcakes from the store and dropped them off at her school. For the afternoon snack, Shriya & her friends enjoyed them!
Saturday, April 16th – is her actual birthday, and paati made yummy chakarapongal for her grand-daughter 🙂 and everyone relished it. Since appa had exams that day, we took her for a ride around the neighborhood in the evening.
Sunday, April 17th – we had the birthday party at a nearby park. Friends started coming in by 1 PM and the place was all decorated with ‘Princess’ theme, right from the table runner to silverware to balloons. The entertainer arrived at 2 and Shriya & her friends had a ball with her, had fun with face painted, animal balloons, singing & dancing for International instruments, played Limbo with the clown…Wow, What a fun-filled day. It was such an awesome party, adults enjoyed a game of Volley-ball while the kids played in the Park.

I’m so glad that her birthday party went on well!!!

Wish you many more to come, hunnie-bun 🙂

Love you.

As much as I’m looking forward for my daughter’s 2nd Birthday, I feel the shopping list NEVER ENDS! Since my DH is busy with his school & exams, am taking care of all the prep for the party. Thank god, mom is here for my support!

My little monkey is turning 2 on April 16th and we have arranged a party for our friends on 17th Sunday @ a local park in our neighborhood. I was a bit enthu in having a Barney theme Party but soon got disappointed as I learnt that there are no Barney Cakes, no Barney entertainer, no Barney Party supplies at the store (it was available online though, but didnt have the time to order and get it shipped) So I kinda changed her party theme to ‘Barbie Princess’ (as the cake has Barbie doll in it and the party supplies had PRINCESS written all over it 😉 ) and I sure love it 😉 though my lil one doesn’t know all these, yet! I’m pretty sure the next 3 years, her birthday theme will be either a DORA or a Disney Princess or a Tinker Bell 😉 So am fulfilling my childhood wishes here 😉 heehee 🙂

I hope to finish all the prep work by Friday and celebrate my baby’s birthday on Saturday,16th and enjoy the party with our friends on Sunday, 17th 🙂

Wish me luck 😉

Mom came in last week & it has been busy week for me with her. Catching up on old stories, gossips, her tales about her newborn grandson back in India….it feels great to have her with us. Amma is vacationing with us for about 4 months until July. The very thought of having amma with us for my princess’ 2nd birthday, my birthday, our wedding anniv gives us immense pleasure and a sense of warmth. I can now forget cooking for the next 4 months 🙂

The only fear I had was that Shriyu has to understand that she is her Grandma and should play,talk,laugh, learn with her. She was lil hesitant on the first day but to my surprise she handled it well and before I realise, the first thing she will ask me as soon as she’s up is ‘paati paati’. She watches my mom cooking in the kitchen, reading her book in the Patio, folding the fresh warm clothes from laundry – but will not go near her. But if my mom is not in her vicinity, she will immediately start calling her Paati and search her.

FUN times ahead with my Mom 🙂 Yay!!!

…goes the ‘Cindrella’ story. Ever since she received in as a birthday goodie bag gift, she has been wanting me to read the story to her, atleast 10 times a day. And she flips pages while I read, points out ‘Moon’ in the book, and goes to the end of the book, wait till I say ‘The End’, literally, ‘shuts’ the book and goes out to play with a Happy smile on her face 🙂


Shriya is now trying to coin words and make a sentence. And she has learnt to say ‘Thank you’ well. A typical scene in the kitchen will be;

Shriya: pooonn poooon (Spoon)
amma opens the cabinet & hands over her spoon
Shriya: Thaanthyooo amma (Thank you, amma)
amma: Thank you, Shriya

And it gets cuter more and more, when I open chocolate wrapper for her, give her some gold-fish, reads book for her…

Love you baby girl!