Mom came in last week & it has been busy week for me with her. Catching up on old stories, gossips, her tales about her newborn grandson back in India….it feels great to have her with us. Amma is vacationing with us for about 4 months until July. The very thought of having amma with us for my princess’ 2nd birthday, my birthday, our wedding anniv gives us immense pleasure and a sense of warmth. I can now forget cooking for the next 4 months 🙂

The only fear I had was that Shriyu has to understand that she is her Grandma and should play,talk,laugh, learn with her. She was lil hesitant on the first day but to my surprise she handled it well and before I realise, the first thing she will ask me as soon as she’s up is ‘paati paati’. She watches my mom cooking in the kitchen, reading her book in the Patio, folding the fresh warm clothes from laundry – but will not go near her. But if my mom is not in her vicinity, she will immediately start calling her Paati and search her.

FUN times ahead with my Mom 🙂 Yay!!!