As much as I’m looking forward for my daughter’s 2nd Birthday, I feel the shopping list NEVER ENDS! Since my DH is busy with his school & exams, am taking care of all the prep for the party. Thank god, mom is here for my support!

My little monkey is turning 2 on April 16th and we have arranged a party for our friends on 17th Sunday @ a local park in our neighborhood. I was a bit enthu in having a Barney theme Party but soon got disappointed as I learnt that there are no Barney Cakes, no Barney entertainer, no Barney Party supplies at the store (it was available online though, but didnt have the time to order and get it shipped) So I kinda changed her party theme to ‘Barbie Princess’ (as the cake has Barbie doll in it and the party supplies had PRINCESS written all over it 😉 ) and I sure love it 😉 though my lil one doesn’t know all these, yet! I’m pretty sure the next 3 years, her birthday theme will be either a DORA or a Disney Princess or a Tinker Bell 😉 So am fulfilling my childhood wishes here 😉 heehee 🙂

I hope to finish all the prep work by Friday and celebrate my baby’s birthday on Saturday,16th and enjoy the party with our friends on Sunday, 17th 🙂

Wish me luck 😉