Wish you many many happy returns of the day, baby doll!
– Appa & Amma

When I hear everyone say, ‘Time flies’, I nod and smile…But when it comes to my personal experience, yes, I do feel, TIME REALLY FLIES…I remember starting this blog, when I was experiencing my first mood swings with the baby and nauseated with Morning sickness, penning down my feeling, emotions, everything in this little MY space. And now when I look back, the blog is almost 3 years old and now my baby girl turns 2!!!

Shriya had 3 birthday parties this year 🙂
Friday, April 15th – I picked up some cupcakes from the store and dropped them off at her school. For the afternoon snack, Shriya & her friends enjoyed them!
Saturday, April 16th – is her actual birthday, and paati made yummy chakarapongal for her grand-daughter 🙂 and everyone relished it. Since appa had exams that day, we took her for a ride around the neighborhood in the evening.
Sunday, April 17th – we had the birthday party at a nearby park. Friends started coming in by 1 PM and the place was all decorated with ‘Princess’ theme, right from the table runner to silverware to balloons. The entertainer arrived at 2 and Shriya & her friends had a ball with her, had fun with face painted, animal balloons, singing & dancing for International instruments, played Limbo with the clown…Wow, What a fun-filled day. It was such an awesome party, adults enjoyed a game of Volley-ball while the kids played in the Park.

I’m so glad that her birthday party went on well!!!

Wish you many more to come, hunnie-bun 🙂

Love you.