May 2011

Shrenik is my 2 month old nephew. And Shriya loves him!!!

Whenever I open the online album to see his pictures or to see the videos sent by my brother and Sister-in-law, she comes and watches my laptop, and squeals ‘sheek-u sheek-u’ and we both enjoy the pictures & videos. But once its done, she wont allow me to close the laptop or to continue my work I was doing previously, she will demand and fake-cry asking me to play his video again & again. And now I have Sheek’s picture in my iPhone wallpaper, everytime she cries or throws a tantrum, if I give her my iPhone, she will stop it & start admiring Shrenik 🙂

Can’t wait to make her meet him and watching them play is sure to be a lovely sight for everyone in our family!


I see a tremendous improvement in my cutie-pie’s growth. Ever since she’s been to day care, I see that her verbal skills has improved a lot…I haven’t taught her anything until she went to the day care. But I see that;

she now counts 1 to 10
says ABC till Z
says the days of the week
she solves the number puzzle and fixes the numbers correctly in its place.

One sunny evening, when she’s back from child care, she ran to the kitchen and asked me for juice, and as I poured her favorite juice into her bright sippy-cup, she kissed me on my shoulder and said ‘Good job, Amma’, suprised I replied ‘Thank you, Shriya’ and immediately she said ‘Oh you are welcome’ 😮 😮 I was shocked, surprised, happy to see her talk sentences and respond…

Every night before going to bed, she will talk to me and say her friends names at school, tries to talk what her teachers used to say, and last night, when I hushed her to sleep, she said ‘See you Monday’…That was very funny to me. and I kissed her on her forehead, she kissed me back 🙂

When I took her to the room to change her diapers, she said ‘Hey Liza, where is the diapoo’ and I realized that she’s trying to talk like her teachers 🙂 Very cute!

Love ya honey!!!