Shriya loves, loves, loves this number puzzle that I got for her months ago from $ store. It was just lying in the corner and she didn’t care much for it. But when she started going to daycare, I believe she got used to the numbering, colors and was able to identify this puzzle.

One night, post-dinner-play-time, she started trying to fix this puzzle and was able to finish it with little help from us. Having done it, she took off all the numbers & started doing it again. We were awe-struck by her confidence and wish to do it on her ‘own’ – Again! She didnt stop there,,,she did it atleast 10 times and everytime she finished the puzzle, she got appreciation from us, which she LOVED!

It then grew as a ritual, every night, she will complete the puzzle atleast 10 times. She mastered it within a week!

This video is a treasure for us now!