Hell yeah! My little peanut now joins words and talks in sentences. And I believe she’s gonna turn talkative soon. Coz, by the end of the day when we settle on our couch in front of television, she talks to her ‘Achu’ or tries to divert us from the TV and talks to us.

Some of her latest ‘sentences’ are;
1. When I ask her if she wants to eat Rice or Dosai or Pasta – she now says ‘No way amma, N-O! Goooooo’
2. If she see’s her dad’s phone on the couch, she picks it up on her own and says ‘Thanks appa, thank you very much’
3. End of the day, she plays with her paati and jumps on her bed and calls her to play with her ‘Come on paati, come up’, when paati climbs the bed, she jumps down and calls her or rather teases her again by saying ‘come on paati, come on’ ๐Ÿ™‚
Needless to say, her grandma, ENJOYS playing with her
4. When I look for mom, if she’s outside the house going for a walk, when I ask Shriya ‘Where is paati’ shriya tells me that ‘Paati walking’

The funny conversation she had with my ‘watch’ was, she took my watch from my cabinet and placed the ‘watch’ on the floor, closed the door and said ‘Bye-Bye watch, see you Monday’ and shut the door. And came running to me saying ‘I want watch’ which I was wondering that I gave to her already. I went along with her to see what she’s upto and noticed she has ‘locked’ the watch ๐Ÿ˜› Hehe, it was very funny.

And last evening, while we were out for a walk with our neighbors, she interacted with our neighbor’s kid of her age, saying ‘Aria, come, bumble-bee’ (She was trying to say to Aria that she saw a bumble-bee and wanted to show her the bee) It was cute when Aria ran behind her to the place where she showed her the Bumble-Bee!

And now, dad says that baby-girl is going to be talkative ‘like-her-mom’ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ™‚