July 2011

Past few weeks, Shriya likes the word ‘monkey’. She thinks the Elmo in her diaper is Monkey and shouts ‘Monkey, Monkey’ everytime we change her diaper. And finally, end it up with ‘GO Monkey, GO’. It is very funny to see her imagination run wild as she talks to the monkey in the diaper, and shoo’s it away 🙂 So I thought of showing her how a monkey looks like, and DVR’ed Curious George Mother’s Day episode for her.

As we both watched Georgie last evening, she repeated what all he did and imitated him, even the way he smiles ‘Haa-Haaa’ she does it after Georgie. At some point in the episode, as Georgie jumped from one tree to another, she said ‘Oh oh, careful monkey, be careful’ and when the guy with the monkey fell down, she said ‘Oh no, Are you okay?’ I was amazed by her instant reaction and how much love she has on fellow beings, even if it is on the Television 🙂

Love you, honey! You are awesome. Muaahhhhhhhhhh


Shriya loves to color. Often she gets home the sheets she ‘worked’ at her school. And when I look into those works, she peeps in and squeals in her excited tone, like as always. She recollects all the work done by her and says ‘amma, amma, Shriya color’ – meaning, Shriya colored them at her child-care center.

So I get some coloring sheets for her to do at home in the evenings. This was taken one such evening, she was too engrossed in her work 🙂

But appa is NOT happy by this work of hers :-/ Hmmmmm have to teach her NOT to use them on the walls/doors 😦

It’s so cute when you receive ‘Love’ esp from your loved ones 😉 Shriya is very cute in expressing her love towards us. Late evening, post dinner is our typical ‘love-showering-time’. Shriya’s appa gives her a bath in the evening, changes her and as we settle in our couch in front of our TV, she will play with us trying to imitate us, or her teachers. And appa will ask her for a kissie, if she neglects his request, appa does a fake-cry and she will immediately throw her arms around him, and says ‘sorry appa, sorry, i will kissie’ and kisses him ‘sorry appa, i will hug you’ saying so, she hugs him.

While I watch this with pride all over my face, I will yearn for her hug & kissie too 🙂 Too involved with her dad, she will ignore me and I need to do a fake-cry too to get her love 🙂

C-U-T-E-N-E-S-S Max!!!

Never knew Shriyu likes to eat cakes 😮 Offlate, I see her liking cake and to the past couple of birthday parties we went, I saw her love towards cake got more and more and more…Like the one we went last weekend, the 1st birthday boy was seen nowhere near his birthday cake, while my little monster was sitting silently next to it and devouring it 😛

Ha ha

Last weekend, Shriyu enjoyed tons at a neighborhood park, where they had this Splash fun birthday party for one of our friends daughter. Initially little scared by the sound of splashing water, she hesitated to go near the water area. But after playing near baby-fountain area, soon she went to the bigger ones and had so much fun! And so did her mom 😉

And here’s one more when she went near the bigger fountains 🙂

I know this post is 4 days after the birthday of USA, but still here’s wishing Happy July 4th to all!

Shriya celebrated her July 4th weekend by the Folly beach,SC. There was Sun, Sun and More Sun!!! We headed to Charleston the weekend with 2 other family. There were totally 4 kids including a 4 month old. The other 3 grown-up kids had so much fun playing in the water, building sand castles and jumping around the pool. It was so much fun and surprising to see my little one, who is “scared” of water, jumping and playing in the water. She enjoys water as much as her dad now! And we sometimes feel its time for us to enroll her in swim lessons but at the same time, considering her age, 2 years, we also think she can ‘learn’ better next year….Hmmm still contemplating.

Here’s a pic of her with appa in the pool.

Thanks to July 4th weekend 😉 we found about Shriya’s love for water!!! Yayyyy