I know this post is 4 days after the birthday of USA, but still here’s wishing Happy July 4th to all!

Shriya celebrated her July 4th weekend by the Folly beach,SC. There was Sun, Sun and More Sun!!! We headed to Charleston the weekend with 2 other family. There were totally 4 kids including a 4 month old. The other 3 grown-up kids had so much fun playing in the water, building sand castles and jumping around the pool. It was so much fun and surprising to see my little one, who is “scared” of water, jumping and playing in the water. She enjoys water as much as her dad now! And we sometimes feel its time for us to enroll her in swim lessons but at the same time, considering her age, 2 years, we also think she can ‘learn’ better next year….Hmmm still contemplating.

Here’s a pic of her with appa in the pool.

Thanks to July 4th weekend 😉 we found about Shriya’s love for water!!! Yayyyy