It’s so cute when you receive ‘Love’ esp from your loved ones 😉 Shriya is very cute in expressing her love towards us. Late evening, post dinner is our typical ‘love-showering-time’. Shriya’s appa gives her a bath in the evening, changes her and as we settle in our couch in front of our TV, she will play with us trying to imitate us, or her teachers. And appa will ask her for a kissie, if she neglects his request, appa does a fake-cry and she will immediately throw her arms around him, and says ‘sorry appa, sorry, i will kissie’ and kisses him ‘sorry appa, i will hug you’ saying so, she hugs him.

While I watch this with pride all over my face, I will yearn for her hug & kissie too 🙂 Too involved with her dad, she will ignore me and I need to do a fake-cry too to get her love 🙂

C-U-T-E-N-E-S-S Max!!!