Past few weeks, Shriya likes the word ‘monkey’. She thinks the Elmo in her diaper is Monkey and shouts ‘Monkey, Monkey’ everytime we change her diaper. And finally, end it up with ‘GO Monkey, GO’. It is very funny to see her imagination run wild as she talks to the monkey in the diaper, and shoo’s it away šŸ™‚ So I thought of showing her how a monkey looks like, and DVR’ed Curious George Mother’s Day episode for her.

As we both watched Georgie last evening, she repeated what all he did and imitated him, even the way he smiles ‘Haa-Haaa’ she does it after Georgie. At some point in the episode, as Georgie jumped from one tree to another, she said ‘Oh oh, careful monkey, be careful’ and when the guy with the monkey fell down, she said ‘Oh no, Are you okay?’ I was amazed by her instant reaction and how much love she has on fellow beings, even if it is on the Television šŸ™‚

Love you, honey! You are awesome. Muaahhhhhhhhhh