August 2011

Scene 1: Appa amma & Shriya were driving to local store on a weekend. There was a railroad crossing in between & our car – at 50 mph hit the train track. We felt a little bump & it wasnt that bad. Shriya was in her carseat & said ‘paathu appa, paathu. Careful’ 🙂 She imitated amma here 😛

Scene 2: I usually keep dried vadaams in top shelf in the kitchen cabinets. I climbed on a kitchen helper stool & reached it out. Shriya sitting on the barstool by our island counter, saw me climbing the stool & said promptly, ‘paathu amma, paathu. Be careful’ 🙂 She imitated amma here, again 😛

Scene 3: While walking into the kitchen, I hit myself in my right foot thumb & screamed ‘Ammaaa’, my li’l peanut came running to me & said ‘paathu amma, paathu. I kissie you’ 🙂 Saying so, she kissed me & touched my thumb with her baby soft fingers. Aahhhh BLISS!

Love you soooooooooooooo much honey 🙂


Introducing, my son, Shriyan 😀 😀

Hahaha, We gave Shriya a new hair-cut 2 weeks back and she looks MORE like a boy now 🙂 Took this picture inside THD where she acted too innocent to be true & all store associates fell in love with her innocence, smile & naughty talks!

Shriya’s favorite Achoo has now got a stroller, car seat, swing & a Diaper bag!

She is ready for evening walk with Achoo 🙂

A fine Wednesday morning conversation with Shriya goes like this;
ME: Shriya, please, let’s brush your teeth.
Shriya: No amma, I dont want to.
ME: Please Shriya?
Shriya: Amma, see a boo-boo (tries to divert me)
ME: Nods my head & tries to go in her track & divert her 😉
Shriya: Did you see that? (tries to divert me even more)
ME: Ok Shriya, I see that.
Shriya: I want a Kissieeeee

I kept her tooth brush aside & threw my arms around her & showered my darlin’ with kisses!!!

Muaahhhhh 🙂