We had a relaxing Labor day weekend this year. Sep 1 – 5, was spent on the lazy sands of Jamaica, Montego Bay. Travelling with friend of ours and their soon-to-be 3 was FUN. Shriya & Shravan enjoyed travelling by shuttle to the airport sans car-seat, fast-moving train to get to our concourse, watching airplanes at the gate. The flight attendant had tough time to make these kids be seated with their seat belts fastened πŸ˜€ but am sure these 2 brats had fun singing A B C…finishing it by now-I-know-my-ABC, Twinkle-Twinkle, Wheels-on-the-bus. Some passengers enjoyed them while some got pissed off. But Kids are Kids, Can’t help it! They sought help by their ear-phones. Phew!

Once landed, we reached our resort by another shuttle, which the kids – again – enjoyed! They watched scenaries, beaches, cliffs on the way. After check-in we marched in to have some Italian which was excellent!

Day 2 & 3 were sinfully spent by the beach & pool, needless to say, Shriya loved the waters & thoroughly had fun. Day 4 – was again by the pool, activity center. Shriya was liked by all who passed us on the lobby, pool, theatre. People in Jamaica at the resort were so friendly & helpful and made our vacation most memorable one.

Day 5 – was time to leave 😦 Sigh. The connecting flight to Orlando was awful with Shriya’s ear pain during landing. But she did well on the flight to ATL. Thanks to Lee, our flight was delayed 3 hrs 😐 but Shriya was fast asleep to care about all these πŸ™‚

Overall – Satisfied with our vacation πŸ™‚