It took 2.5 yrs for me to finally bid adieu to Bottles & sterilising 😐 Whew!!!

After we got back from Jamaica, Shriya had awful Stomach virus (…and still going on…) and her nurse adviced NO to Milk & Milk products. So once she’s up when she cried for Milk, I let her cry a bit and try to divert her and offer her bread or banana…TRY, i meant. When she asks for bottles, I said that we left all the bottles in Jamaica in the beach. She is now in a stage where she can think n understand a bit, so since she remembers we taking bottles to Jamaica and we going to beach over there, she can now relate to my words, I belive. Couple of days were terrible, but later, when I offered diluted Milk in a Yellow Cup, she got settled for it.
Later that day, I bought her Soy chocolate milk, and bribe her about “chocolate milk” (the usual Pediasure we give her every night). After few cries and negotiation, she started to drink it from CUP. Holy My!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, every morning, she cries for Milk but says Yellow cup, along with her whine 😛 and Mommy is more than happy to offer her milk in yellow cup 🙂